By signing up to the calendar once, you are automatically entered into the giveaway for each day. Sharing the calendar with the hashtag #SnowcastleCalendar on social media will double your chances in each draw. You only have to share once.

The competition is global and we therefore urge anyone to participate. The developers cannot participate.

Winners of the day are chosen at random from the existing pool of participants who have not won yet.
They are announced the day after the reveal of the contents of the hatch.

Participants have 10 days to respond after Snowcastle messages you regarding a giveaway. If you do not respond within 10 days Snowcastle has the right to give away the product to another participant

The games that may be awarded can be rated 18+, we will therefore need a confirmation of the prize winners age upon distribution of games. If the winner does not meet the requirements, a different game will be chosen.

Note that some of the awards are code giveaways and as such, depending on the platform, might be region locked. In cases where the code doesn't match the winners region we'll try and accomodate for a code change. If not, a different game will be chosen.

Any distribution of physical prizes will have to be mailed, and will therefore take longer to arrive. We are afterall stationed in Norway!

Winners will be contacted directly via email following the announcement posts on social media.