The Lavenders

"...of the four founding fathers, only the Lavender family are still present in the Great Wave elite. However, their presence throughout the cycles of the House of the Great Wave has not come without sacrifice.

Victor Lavender—who led the Great Wave when they discovered the use of the Baldru Artifacts—became drunk with power at the prospect of what could be done with the armada they had raised. He soon proposed attack plans against Cantoo Island and the great tree-city Hroot in Dar. Even a bombardment of Narok had been drawn up in secret.

His oratory skills had not only united other factions and groups in Suvia, but also his closest advisors and Colonels into believing Suvia, spearheaded by The Great Wave, should dominate all ports, cities and isles on the northern hemisphere.

What stopped his plans from materializing was a cold blade through his ribs in 1820. Put there by his brother, Marius Lavender. A bloody coup most people, both inside and outside the Wave, today feel was the only solution to stop his tyrannical brother.

Marius Lavender died in 1844 in a flying machine he and Victor built together. He left behind two sons and two daughters. His eldest, Bran Lavender, is now General of the Wave, leader of The House of the Great Wave. The most potent military force on the Three Seas."

Excerpt from "The Purple Dynasty", written by Armiggo Red, 1864.

Seb Gauslaa