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The Glacier Coasts Vol. I - The Frozen Lake

During the early 1300s, the Atsiim Kinfolk, having been a nomadic tribe using the Glacier Coast as their habitat, settled further inland. The reason for the settlement was the discovery of a lake that emerged through the ice. It had been a lake buried under ice since the early post-Deadly Halt stages. The lake teemed with strange life and became a great food source for the Atsiim Kinfolk. After a generation, the ice receded further and revealed how grand the lake truly was, and how it was connected to sub-glacial rivers coming down from the Crystal Ice Ridge.

Most peculiar, however, was the emergence of ancient pipework and chimneys from beneath the ice. The Atsiim settlement suddenly found itself on top of a structure from the old world, from the Realm of Myth as their shamans called it. A world where spirits walked, where men had grass under their feet, where the darkness danced with the light in an ever-spinning circle.


The shaman demanded their settlement moved, so as not to disturb the ancient ruins, and the Atsiim Kinsfolk took their tents and tipis around the lake and settled far from the place. But the young men of the tribe disregarded the shaman’s words to stay away and in secret they went back, under the guise of a long hunt, to find out more about the ruins.

Several hunts later, the young men, counting about thirty, struck through the ice and found an entrance into the old structure. Most of the passageways and halls were filled with melting ice, but they managed to get deep into the structure. Curiously, they felt heat coming from wells that went deep down. After further investigation, the saw great rivers of lava at the bottom. They found old forges and old equipment and weapons of extraordinary quality and strength. The whole structure, it seemed, had been an outpost for metalworkers and blacksmiths…

Excerpt from Tales from the Glacier Coasts, by Philyp Sand, 1799.