Hello and Welcome Friends,

To a most fanciful overview of the cultures and history in the world of Umbra: My name is Cornelius Ibsten III of the Owltide and I will be your guide on this most academic of journeys!

Today we are covering the ancient Onurasi race!

As you might know, they are as rare as they are mysterious. According to their folklore, the first of the thinking races. The first children of Umbra to repay her with thoughts and words on her beauty. And we have scarcely little information about their actual origin.

The scollar house of the Owl Tide, the same yours truly belongs and contributes to, was joined by an Onurasi named Gersween Gliocas in 1777. The fascination and intrigue that presided around his very presence soon propelled him to the station of High Owl, where he would not remain for long.

What can be speculated from our limited information, is that the Onurasi were some sort of guardians and scholars of Umbra and her secrets. If this was self appointed, or if there was a greater power at play is anyone's guess, as with such an ancient race no one can really tell how their civilisation came to flourish.

They did to our knowledge have a hierarchical structure and an agenda of preservation and protection, with no evidence of factions within their society.

What little contact they did have with us modern races ceased entirely after 1787, when Gersween disappeared from the Owl Tide.

Based on his writings, we speculate they retreated to a place called Cantoo island.

Where it lies or if it’s an actual island is anyone guess, as he omitted any mention of geography or history of the place.

At the time of writing I couldn’t even tell you if the Onurasi are extinct at this point. Was Gersween among the last of his kind? The lack of contact and history is unsettling to a scholar such as myself and I intend to delve deeper and get to the bottom of what happened.

What remains now, are peculiar statues they left behind that apparently hold the secret to dimensional travel, but the method of activation remains unknown to us. Perhaps they are the key to Cantoo island?

Secrets of the Burning Sands, Owltide Library, 1869 ADH.
- Cornelius Ibsten III

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