EARTHLOCK Physical For Nintendo Switch Goes on Sale from Super Rare Games!



Right NOW, our physical release of EARTHLOCK for the Nintendo Switch goes on sale! Make sure you are there when the game goes live so that you don't miss out on this amazing JRPG. 

What the critics say...

Earthlock from Snowcastle Games is an absolute nostalgic joy to play. Originally launched as "Earthlock: Festival of Magic" over a year ago, the game has undergone significant improvements with a sort of "Director's Cut" on PC and the Switch, as well as other consoles.  Feeling at once both reverential for classic 16-bit JRPGs and novel due to its western stylized setting and systems, Earthlock is a grand start to an RPG trilogy, and well worth the meagre price of admission. - MMORPG 8.5/10

More than anything, it is a joy to exist in Earthlock’s painterly world. This throwback to PlayStation-era JRPGs ranks among the best role-playing experiences that there is to be had on the Nintendo Switch so far. And, while it can be seen that its inspiration has held it back in certain ways, the refreshing approach to turn-based combat and the strategising that underpins it will hopefully help the game to be remembered as a classic in its own right. - Nintendo Insider 8/10

A beautiful game which features a host of challenging boss battles require tactical thinking, useful characters, and a big world to explore, Earthlock delivers a solid experience which scratches the turn-based RPG itch. Its fourteen hours of game play swells thanks to a ton of side quests, hidden bosses, and lots of things to craft and collect, and is a true indie delight for any fan of the genre. - Gaming Trend 8/10

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- Snowcastle Games

EARTHLOCK One Year Anniversary!

EARTHLOCK is One Year old!


Earthlock was released one year ago, after Snowcastle decided to go back and improve Festival of Magic into the game we originally envisioned it to be. This month we celebrate not only the release of Earthlock, but also our fans for sticking by us, through thick and thin, and helping us grow with the world of Earthlock. Snowcastle Games would not be what we are without your amazing support! At Snowcastle Games, we have big plans for the Earthlock universe, so stick around!

In the meantime, Earthlock will be on it’s biggest sale ever! The sale timings will differ for each platform, so keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook for updates:
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Current Sales! :

55-60% off PS4 Europe

52-68% (ps+) off PS4 Americas

55% off Nintendo Switch US

55% off Nintendo Switch EU/Australia

Come experience the first installment of the Earthlock trilogy!

Thank you all!



Snowcastle Advent Calendar - Thank You!

This year was the first year we attempted to do an Advent Calendar Giveaway event. We had over 50 winners including the winners from the Mega Giveaway at the end. We are still shipping prizes and emailing codes to the winners, and we never expected it to turn into something as big and wonderful as it did.

At Snowcastle, we wanted to say thank you to everyone that participated, and a special shout out to all of our developer friends that willingly offered up their games as a prize each day. We are lucky and happy to have such an enthusiastic and warm community that surrounds us. Also, we will be continuing this as a yearly project, and improving it!

Warm Regards,

The Snowcastle Games Team

Below is the list of our friends & developers who helped make this possible:
Fishing: Barents Sea - Misc Games
Manual Samuel - Perfectly Paranormal
Among the Sleep - Krillbite Studio
Mutant Year Zero - The Bearded Ladies
Fugl - Team Fugl
Amphora - Moondrop
Limbo/Inside - Playdead
World to the West - Rain Games
Satellite Reign - 5 Lives Studios
Owlboy - D-Pad Studio
Steamworld Dig 2 - Image & Form Games
Shiftlings - Rock Pocket Games
Pode - Henchman & Goon
Milkmaid of the Milky Way - Mattis Folkestad
Eggggg - Hyper Games
Yonder : The Cloud Catcher Chronicles - Prideful Sloth
Stardew Valley - ConcernedApe
Amnesia/Soma - Frictional Games
Dreamfall Chapters/Conan - Funcom

Seb Gauslaa
Snowcastle and Friends Advent Calendar

With the festive season upon us, we've banded together with other developers to give something back to our communities.

Our friends across the globe have been kind enough to contribute all kinds of goodies for prizes in the Snowcastle & Friends Advent Calendar!

Without spoiling any of the gifts we have planned, we can promise a well rounded and exciting lineup of amazing giveaways in the coming days!

Follow the link to sign up and be sure to share it on social media using the hashtag #SnowcastleCalendar to increase your chances of winning.

Best of luck and happy holidays! Snowcastle Games

Seb Gauslaa
How we increased the review score from mid 60’s to 80, and was it worth it?

by Bendik Stang
Entrepreneur, Founder/CTO @SnowCastleGames, Indie Game Dev. Also passionate about Interactive Stories, App Dev. Tech Geek. Father of 4 evolving neural networks.

Cut your losses and move on!

We have all heard it: 

So you did not make a perfect game.

Make a new one! Get over it!

The following is the story of another way.


On Sep. 1st, 2016 we launched Earthlock: Festival of Magic after five years of struggle with the classic indie startup challenges: Too little funding, no revenue and big ambitions.

Just before running out of cash, we managed to secure a wonderful deal with Microsoft for an exclusive launch with Games with Gold and launched the game on Xbox One 12 months of continuous crunching later.

Along the way we had to make painful cuts to the project. The cuts were the least we could manage when juggling the opposites of getting the game out before funding ran out while making a game we still could be proud of. And equally important — a game that would sell enough to support production of our next game.

Something didn’t feel right

Something did't feel right

Something did't feel right

Six months after initial launch, we had published the game on all major platforms. It was early 2017 and we had eagerly moved on to pre-production of our next title in the Earthlock universe. But the uncomfortable feeling of leaving behind a game that wasn’t quite there in terms of quality, was growing. Editorial reviews and user scores seemed to mirror our own assessment. The game had promises of something great, but didn’t quite deliver. Sales, although respectable, were not quite where we had hoped either.

Read the the rest of the blogpost on Medium

or here on Gamasutra

Erik Hoftun
What is new in EARTHLOCK compared to Earthlock: Festival of Magic?

EARTHLOCK is now live on PC, Mac, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch and we are getting some amazing reviews. As of now it is only available in English and Japanese, but by the end of May we expect to release the following additional languages:

Simplified Chinese, Russian, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Arabic, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese and of course, Norwegian!

So for those of you who have heard of or played the original version of this game called Earthlock: Festival of Magic which is no longer available for purchase, what are the differences? Here is a run-down:


Extended and upgraded, this is in many respects a brand new game. 
Keeping all the best parts from EARTHLOCK: Festival of Magic, we have spent the last year improving them in every way while adding loads of new stuff:
⁃ Craftable weapons and equipment
⁃ New abilities in the overworld
⁃ Numerous new side quests
⁃ New scenes, new creatures and new NPCs
⁃ In addition to all the strange plants you now can grow trees to bring kittens and other cute critters into the world
⁃ Treasure Maps to discover more treasures
⁃ The ability to sell as well as buy stuff
⁃ Loads of new animations, story additions, smarter NPCs and tweaks of every kind to make the game even more engrossing, enjoyable and replayable!

Erik Hoftun
Switch Launch and more...

13 months later and here we are, even more certain that this was the right thing to do. This time it feels right to move on. We are really happy with the result and eager to begin the new adventure of making Earthlock 2.

What’s more, the first review of the new version just came in and confirms our feeling, giving the game an 8 of 10 while concluding:

Finally, the time has come! We have spent over 13 months improving the original game and are happy to present EARTHLOCK - the extended edition

When we first launched back in September 2016 we were really proud of our achievement. We had worked nearly five years on our first game, and though we had to make a lot of cuts to get it done, we still felt like we had made a solid RPG. During the six months we spent getting it out on all the platforms we realised there was room for making the game even better. Thanks to generous help and suggestions from the community we identified numerous ways that could up the fun-factor and deepen the story.

As we began work on EARTHLOCK 2 in January 2017 we we couldn’t let go of a feeling that there still was a lot of unrealized potential in EARTHLOCK 1. Choosing between a new and exciting project and going back to the old one we had been laboring with for the last five years wasn’t easy. Doing the right thing never is...

13 months later and here we are, even more certain that this was the right thing to do. This time it feels right to move on. We are really happy with the result and eager to begin the new adventure of making Earthlock 2.

What’s more, the first review of the new version just came in and confirms our feeling, giving the game an 8 of 10 while concluding:

“...Earthlock is a game that simply demands to be played! 
...Bravo Snowcastle Games, you’ve made a charming game, a positively outstanding one!”

Read the rest of the very thorough review from Miketendo 64 here

Launch Day - almost

It’s been hectic here at Snowcastle trying for the first time to do a global multi platform launch. We have only partially succeeded – we knew it was ambitious but really wanted to try. Here is an overview of the current launch landscape:

Nintendo Switch - (First launch

  • American region launching at 09:00 AM PST (confirmed
           Backer keys ordered: ETA 5 days

  • EU region launched at 15:00 CET (launched
           Backer keys ordered: ETA 5 days

  • Japan Region: March 15th (confirmed)


  • Global launch 21:00 CET or 12:00PM PST (confirmed)

Steam + HumbleBundle

  • Global launch 21:00 CET or 12:00PM PST (unconfirmed - likely delayed 3 days)

Playstation 4

  • Japan region: Mach 15th (confirmed)

  • American region: March 20th (confirmed

  • EU region: Tentative March 28th (unconfirmed)


  • American region: Tentative March 26th (Unconfirmed

  • EU region: Tentative March 28th (Unconfirmed)

  • Japan region: Tentative March 28th (Unconfirmed)

Reasons for delays

For the PS Store and Xbox Store, we first need to have the original version removed and that takes a whole lot more time that we had imagined, so the process is ongoing. This obviously impacted the launch date of Earthlock.

The main reason for the extra delays in the EU region is that the game have to go through a full new PEGI review process. This takes 10 days, and only once this is done will we be able to start the final process of getting it up in the digital stores for PS4 and XboxOne. So this has taken longer than anticipated.


Free upgrade for those who own the original version

If you own Earthlock: Festival of Magic on PS4, XBO, Steam or GOG then you will get the new Earthlock for free. It might take a few days after launch, but we have been informed by Sony, Microsoft, Valve and GOG that this can be done. If there is any unforeseen complications we will let you know.


EARTHLOCK will launch in English and Japanese first, the rest will be patched in as soon as possible. We are in the process of getting it translated to all the following languages. Here is the list:

  • English (Default
  • Japanese (Default
  • Norwegian (Completed - done in house TBA) 
  • German (TBA)
  • French (TBA) 
  • Spanish (TBA)
  • Italian (TBA) 
  • Polish (TBA) 
  • Arabic Chinese (Complete re-translation TBA) 
  • Russian (New TBA) 
  • Brazilian Portuguese (New TBA)

Need Support?

If you have questions or need help, please contact
Feel free to post comments below, but ideally if you like us to respond to you directly, please either send a PM or an email.

– Snowcastle Team

    Erik Hoftun
    Earthlock is Coming to Switch


    We are very happy to announce that we will be publishing Earthlock on the Switch.

    We will initially be doing this in Japanese and English only, and then as soon as we get the game translated to other languages, we will update with those. We can’t say much more about this release right now, but you may expect more exciting news about this release soon. As we release on Switch, we hopefully will be able to release the Japanese version of Earthlock on Playstation 4 at the same time.

    Right now Bendik and Erik are attending Tokyo Game Show and meeting with Cross Function, our publishing partner in Japan. 

    Right now Bendik and Erik are attending Tokyo Game Show and meeting with Cross Function, our publishing partner in Japan. 

    Erik HoftunComment