Vote For Your Favourite Cover Art!

We’re giving you the power to help decide which cover art will be on the retail release! We have a simple campaign set up that will end tomorrow, allowing everyone to vote which of the two they like most. Please vote here! (facebook)

A Quick Update

Last Sunday, November 27th we released the new languages on Steam. For those of you waiting for the Xbox One localization, we’re currently working on implementing them and are hoping/planning to have them in the game before the Christmas Holiday starts!

Playstation 4
Still no official date but we are making great progress in the certification process and are confident of a VERY early 2017 launch!

We are having small issues with our audio transition to the WiiU system, but it’s nothing we can’t handle and are on schedule for a similar launch date as for PS4.

That's it for now.

Kind Regards, 
Andrew and the Snowcastle Team

Andrew Potter