EARTHLOCK - New Update!

While EARTHLOCK: Festival of Magic has been out for some months already, we’ve silently been collecting your feedback in the dark corners of our office. Focusing firstly on issues that have affected larger portions of our audience, we’ve quietly released patches along the way before taking on more obscure bugs that might not even have been reported.

But the time for silence is no more! Over the last few months we’ve worked hard on optimizing EARTHLOCK on every available platform.

The optimization work done on EARTHLOCK differs wildly on different aspects of the game, from smoothing out camera nodes to generally improving frame rates and stability.

Each and every scene in the game (and that’s a whole lot of scenes!) has been reworked to try to bring players the best possible experience adventuring through Umbra.

Have a look at some of the bigger changes we’ve done:

Code / Bugs:

  • New death volume to fix unity bug where character can fall through the floor at random locations.
  • Turned off occlusion on all cameras. (Should reduce crashing on some rigs)
  • Fixed colliders to avoid getting stuck


  • All scenes in the game has been optimized for improved frame rate.
  • Water reflections have been adjusted in some scenes (no longer reflecting things that can`t be seen)
  • Elements no longer cast real time shadows when those shadows can't be seen
  • Realtime shadow casters adjusted to avoid unnecessary performance drop
  • Most VFX has been edited for improved visual quality and optimisation
  • Removed DoF from all combat arenas
  • Smoothed out camera nodes
  • Burning Desert - many models rebuilt with better UVs and textures for higher quality and added LOD for performance


  • Earthlock artifact new animated texture
  • Zaberium Temple Combat arena retextured
  • New improved camera bloom
  • Plains Overworld is now more lush with vegetation

Wii U Version

Now for those of you thinking “ All available platforms… WHAT ABOUT THE WII U VERSION!?” or even “Yeah yeah yeah, look at all these platforms getting a sweet deal while us Wii U folk are still waiting…”. –

Fret not! We’re still working hard on the Wii U version. And to sweeten the wait, we will launch EARTHLOCK: Festival of Magic at the low price of 10$ on the Wii U.


Erik Hoftun