Snowcastle Advent Calendar - Thank You!


This year was the first year we attempted to do an Advent Calendar Giveaway event. We had over 50 winners including the winners from the Mega Giveaway at the end. We are still shipping prizes and emailing codes to the winners, and we never expected it to turn into something as big and wonderful as it did.

At Snowcastle, we wanted to say thank you to everyone that participated, and a special shout out to all of our developer friends that willingly offered up their games as a prize each day. We are lucky and happy to have such an enthusiastic and warm community that surrounds us. Also, we will be continuing this as a yearly project, and improving it!

Warm Regards,

The Snowcastle Games Team

Below is the list of our friends & developers who helped make this possible:
Fishing: Barents Sea - Misc Games
Manual Samuel - Perfectly Paranormal
Among the Sleep - Krillbite Studio
Mutant Year Zero - The Bearded Ladies
Fugl - Team Fugl
Amphora - Moondrop
Limbo/Inside - Playdead
World to the West - Rain Games
Satellite Reign - 5 Lives Studios
Owlboy - D-Pad Studio
Steamworld Dig 2 - Image & Form Games
Shiftlings - Rock Pocket Games
Pode - Henchman & Goon
Milkmaid of the Milky Way - Mattis Folkestad
Eggggg - Hyper Games
Yonder : The Cloud Catcher Chronicles - Prideful Sloth
Stardew Valley - ConcernedApe
Amnesia/Soma - Frictional Games
Dreamfall Chapters/Conan - Funcom

Seb Gauslaa