EARTHLOCK One Year Anniversary!

EARTHLOCK is One Year old!


Earthlock was released one year ago, after Snowcastle decided to go back and improve Festival of Magic into the game we originally envisioned it to be. This month we celebrate not only the release of Earthlock, but also our fans for sticking by us, through thick and thin, and helping us grow with the world of Earthlock. Snowcastle Games would not be what we are without your amazing support! At Snowcastle Games, we have big plans for the Earthlock universe, so stick around!

In the meantime, Earthlock will be on it’s biggest sale ever! The sale timings will differ for each platform, so keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook for updates:
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Current Sales! :

55-60% off PS4 Europe

52-68% (ps+) off PS4 Americas

55% off Nintendo Switch US

55% off Nintendo Switch EU/Australia

Come experience the first installment of the Earthlock trilogy!

Thank you all!